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Is a Staycation in Palm Beach Really Worth the Price?

Jetting off somewhere new is always a good idea, but what if a trip to parts unknown isn’t in the books this year? When you want to stay close to home, a “staycation” is the optimal solution!

Anniversaries can be overwhelming. How do you plan an adequate way to celebrate your commitment to the love of your life? What plans could possibly suffice to show how much you care?

When you want to go beyond the usual dinner-and-flowers combination, the good news is that you have an endless array of great options at your disposal here in South Florida. (Though you can’t go wrong with a nice night out at Table 26 paired with blooms from Flower & Fringe—at least in my marriage.)

Jetting off somewhere new is always a good idea; after all, we have an international airport in our midst, ready to whisk the pair of you away to a Caribbean island at a moment’s notice. Traveling does seem to honor any occasion as sacred and treasured, setting apart a date like an anniversary as the accomplishment it truly is.

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But what if a trip to parts unknown isn’t in the books this year? When you want to stay close to home but still do something special with the one you love, a “staycation” is the optimal solution. We live in a world-class vacation destination, after all—why not make the most of it?

This week, I celebrated 4 years with my husband. While we love traveling (we’ve made it a goal to spend June 7th in a new country every year), for this anniversary, we opted to stick around town. So, we booked a night at The Colony, crossed the bridge on our scooter, and enjoyed a perfectly Palm Beach getaway just a mile from home.

Staycation in Palm Beach Really Worth the Price
The Colony Hotel is the perfect spot to explore everything Palm Beach has to offer. This hotel’s pool is a favorite gathering spot for socializing. / Photo: Skye Sherman, WPB Magazine columnist

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When you live in a place like West Palm Beach, one of the advantages of having a summer anniversary is that you catch the area’s premier hotels and resorts in their off season. With Florida resident rates and summer specials on offer, there’s no better time to book a romantic escape. Our room cost a fraction of what it normally would and included a $25 resort credit and complimentary parking. The resort credit is just the right amount for a round of celebratory drinks at the pool, breakfast and coffee from Café 155 in the morning, or a late-night room service order from downstairs restaurant Polo.

At The Colony, though you have all of Palm Beach at your doorstep, one look at the funky Florida-shaped pool and perfectly manicured backyard and you may never want to leave. With the Bimini Bar there to keep you hydrated and lush tropical flora to keep you cool, The Colony’s outdoor oasis provides a dreamy backdrop for a romantic rendezvous. Even if it’s raining—as it was during much of our stay—the covered patio area invites visitors to kick back, relax, and enjoy another day in paradise, frosé in hand.

When the sun began its descent, instead of eating at the hotel, we took a stroll down Worth Avenue and took in the beauty of golden hour in our “shining gem by the sea,” as author James Patterson once famously described it. After some window shopping and a coffee break at Starbucks, we ended up at Pizza al Fresco for a few slices of Quatro Formaggi. I recommend topping that off with a cup of refreshing mango gelato at next door Piccolo Gelato, or swinging by Ta-boo for dessert on your way back to The Colony. Want to go all out? HMF at The Breakers serves a flaming Baked Alaska you won’t soon forget.

Staycation in Palm Beach Really Worth the Price
Photo: Skye Sherman, WPB Magazine columnist

If the glamour of Palm Beach isn’t your style and you prefer to remain on our side of the Intercoastal, rising star Hotel Biba on Belvedere was our runner-up. (Pro tip: Use app Hotel Tonight to find a summer rate under $100 per night!) Drawn by newly opened Basque restaurant and the hotel’s quirky character, we nearly booked a room here, but decided on The Colony for its proximity to the beach. It is summer, after all—as long as you can dodge those rain storms!

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Your love is what it’s all about today, so whatever you both enjoy doing, fill your anniversary celebrations with that.

From paradise,

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Is a Staycation in Palm Beach Really Worth the Price?

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