Successful Online Video Marketing by Michael Fieger

Online video publishing has actually taken the Internet by surprise in recent years. Using Successful Online Video Marketing strategies for promotions, marketing, news and Online Public Relations are becoming a real key strategic component and a key business differentiator for online marketers who wish to communicate successfully in regards to their business profile, taking advantage within the shortest possible time.

Internet is full of facts and the average attention time of an internet user today is assessed in seconds. When internet users search for their info at the search engines, they would get lots of search results. Anytime they visit your blog, they may only use a few seconds and little efforts to check through what you are selling or proposing. Users decide if your articles’ looks and approach are suitable for what they were really looking for. These first few seconds are very important. If you can deliver a clear and specific message by providing a highly fast visible way to secure their further attention and catch their interest, you have done online bingo.

Does this indicate if you just simply put up a 10-minute video tutorial on your blog or slam specific video contents up in your web pages, you’ll quickly sell much more products? If this is your way of promoting with video on the internet aiming to get high conversion rates of visitors to sales, you’ll be more toward getting downfalls than great news.

In order to create your Online Video Marketing to successfully market your products or services, show your key qualities and features in a special and remarkable way. There are a few tips for a successful Online Video Marketing to follow:

1. Get Your Video Seen

If you want your online video to be your successful marketing device, it must be able to reach a lot of web users as it can. Do not just hold your video inside your website limits. Let your video content be free and spread to the major video hosting websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo. Many internet users will watch and discuss about it and even embed it right on their own sites.

2. Small File Load Fast

Research reveals the average web page load time is about 7 seconds. For web pages that take more time than 7 secs to load; their visitors usually are on the edge of clicking away and visit other sites. Therefore, you need to ensure your video data file is small enough using a Video converter. AVI is the most typical video file format, the file size will render 10 megabytes for a short 2 to 3 minutes video. Therefore, if you share your video in this file format, you will get “clicks away” from you visitors because of prolonged loading time of your video file. Therefore, you need to get a video converter to modify your video size to a more internet friendly format like SWF.

3. Let them know it is a Video, a Short Video

If the internet users do not know that it actually is a video, they would not click on it to watch. Therefore, you must let the internet users know that the “box” is a video. The simplest way is to make it look like a video is by having a play and stop control button where the internet users can click on to play the video and stop it when they want.

Let the internet users also know this is a short video. Nobody wants to sit through a 30 minute presentation on the track record of your business. Focus on your products and deliver your information preferably within 2 minutes.

A summary of our Successful Online Video Marketing topic today

Effectively Online Video Marketing is not just slamming some video content up on your web pages, it more toward effective video conversation through video posting and sharing on the internet. A successful Online Video Marketing can connect you business with a greater audience and get you better search engine results.


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