Sweet Ginger Asian Bistro

Sweet Ginger Asian Bistro restaurant is a very popular dining destination in the premier shopping, dining and entertainment destination in Palm Beach County, CityPlace. If you decide to hang out at CityPlace any day of the week, I want to call your attention to this restaurant on Hibiscus Street with excellent Asian Fusion, offering Sushi, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai food; all in just one place!

This restaurant by a long shot, is an authority when it comes to Asian Fusion in West Palm Beach.

Sweet Ginger Asian Bistro, in former times known as Wild Ginger Asian Bistro, has gone through many changes to ultimately become truly reinvented since it was purchased by restaurateur Larry Truong. The name change itself is the most evident fact, but with a closer look you will find many specifics to make you feel enthralled about the restaurant: new and exciting menu items, decor, ambiance, and a welcoming staff just to mention a few. Nestled in the heart of CityPlace, this Asian Bistro has become a “must-go to” when craving for Asian cuisine, and it is the only Asian restaurant in downtown offering Vietnamese food.

Once you arrive at the restaurant you will find a new-fashioned and stylish space with a deep characteristic Asian flare and acquiescent outdoor seating from where you can follow all the action going on in the city.


The menu is a true Asian fusion with the best elements of the authentic Chinese, Thai, Sushi, and Vietnamese cuisine. It proposes a large carte covering the gamut of Asian cuisine to pleasantly surprise the customer. You find it all done to perfection.

In my recent visit to Sweet Ginger Asian Bistro, I was greeted by Larry Truong. Starting with classic favorites, the Shrimp tempura and Hawaiian tempura rolls both plated beautifully and served with large shrimps deep-fried in vegetable, proved to be signature appetizers with a delicate crispy outside not overpowering the hot and spicy shrimps cooked to perfection with noticeably fresh ingredients resulting in a delicious tasting.

Being the only Vietnamese cuisine restaurant in downtown, I could not resist ordering some of the house specialties that would encompass the home-made flavors characteristic of the Vietnamese cooking traditions.


The menu presents a variety of noodle soups; fresh rice noodles served with bean sprouts, basil, and lime, available with chicken, meatballs, eye round steak, brisket, seafood, veggie, and tofu; also rice plates, stir-frys, and savory-sweet grilled pork. The flavor combination of the soup with the noodles, chicken, broth, the hint of lime and the soft touch of spice added a remarkable delicious savor, and in a sense, a hint of what’s making Sweet Ginger Asian Bistro a foremost and all-time favorite of the Asian cuisine in West Palm Beach.

Some dishes you just have to try to appreciate and the recommending list is large. You would return home feeling happy and virtuous. My sense is that you can’t go wrong here. Sweet Ginger Asian Bistro has been a splendid addition to the local dining scene of CityPlace and it has something to satisfy everyone. The price is completely in line with the experience and satisfaction derived from a visit to a restaurant which food and excellence in service would make it an easy spot to love.

If you visit, the restaurant is located at 632 Hibiscus St #116, West Palm Beach, FL 33401. Call (561) 832-8883 if you need reservations or to order online. For information about their menu and daily specials, go to: sweetgingerwpb.com

Get to Know Sweet Ginger Asian Bistro, Offering Excellent Asian Fusion in CityPlace. See Why they are One of West Palm Beach’s Best Asian Fusion Food.