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Take Control of your Body with Aerial Bodies Pilates

Take Control of your Body with Aerial Bodies Pilates


“A body free from nervous tension and fatigue is the ideal shelter provided by nature for housing a well balanced mind, fully capable of successfully meeting all the complex problems of modern living.”  ~Joseph Pilates

Can you feel every creak, crack and pop flowing through your tired, achy joints? 2014 has certainly been a long year, bursting with a seamless amount of accomplishments. Maybe you’ve added a new member to your ever-so growing family, slaved away at the computer crafting the perfect pitch for your company’s next big campaign or trained exhaustively for the 50-mile race you’ve always dreamt of defeating. Often times, big rewards come with a heavy price. Your long nights, early mornings and hard work is finally catching up. With the holidays rolling in, it’s time to take control of your body and create a better feeling you, full of more life and energy. Don’t worry though; help is here!

aerial-bodies-pilates-photos-2Lydie Robsham, owner of Aerial Bodies Pilates, Fitness & Therapy, delivers a workout program designed to emphasize the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, stretching, and awareness. An oasis to the body and mind, Pilates teaches you to be in complete control of your whole self.

“It allows you to do things with your body you never even thought was a possibility,” said Robsham. “It’s a full body workout where you work with gravity and against it and that’s the beauty of it.”

A big believer that more is NOT better, Robsham developed exercises that are more functional to our lives. “We walk, stand, run, reach and grasp. I wanted to craft a routine that reflects our real movements instead of just sitting, lifting weights and using machines.” Aerial Bodies focuses on the lengthening of the spine and the mobilization of the body and deep, even breathes. Everything is done in slow, controlled motions allowing your body to have a wider range of movements.

Beneficial to athletes w1162nr_141012_445_045_0647ith muscle tension and injuries, individuals coming out of physical therapy, seniors in search of stretching out their bodies and anyone else looking to be more in tune with their mental and physical wellness, pilates has no limitations. It’s light on the joints and easy on the body. It helps people with injuries or pain to heal faster and get back to their everyday routine.

Robsham’s passion for physical fitness began at a young age and has remained an accomplished athlete throughout her entire life. As a seasoned massage therapist for 25 years specializing in sports and rehab conditions, and as a National and World Water Ski champion, she has seen and lived through many injuries. “At one point, I had two pins in my legs and did my own rehab. It’s easier for me to understand and relate to people who have injuries because I’ve dealt with them as well, “ said Robsham.

Aerial Bodies offers a range of beginner, intermediate and expert private and group classes for anyone looking to improve their body and mind, while creating a better awareness of their physical selves. In just ten to fifteen sessions, you can change your body to achieve a longer, limber and leaner you. “Our body is so smart and powerful; with the right coach, you can push your body to limits you never thought possible.”

Take Control of your Body with Aerial Bodies Pilates. This Personal Training and Massage Therapy Studio in West Palm Beach Helps you Take Care of Your Body.

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