Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Tales of a Serial Texter – Texting out an S.O.S in the Date-o-sphere!

Get in the Game! with Alys and Victoria - A weekly column about love, laughter and Landing Mr. Right.

With that familiar bing of an incoming text, dating has entered a brave new world? Texting and its naughty cousin, sexting, are the new norm. Cyber challenges spread faster than FWB (friends with benefits) can GNOC (get naked on camera)

If you are textually active in the date-o-sphere, you need to use protection. We’ve got you covered.

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Textual Harassment: A “one-eyed monster” kidnaps his cell phone and starts sending you selfies.  Our response? Text back its proud owner “WTF; that was cocky of you!”

Texting under the influence (TUI): Remember when the biggest risk to your reputation was one too many martinis and waking up to the cute guy you just met at the bar? Today’s it’s waking up next to your cell phone and wondering who you text’d and what was said. Chances are you were slurring your texts. Blame TUI on a butt dial.

Name Blame Text: Juggling several guys at once is easy until texting enters the picture. Did I send that to John or James? Our advice?  Begin every text with “Hey Handsome.”  You’ll never send “OMG, that wasn’t meant for you, LOL!” text again.

Mystery Text: We all know this one.  You’ve deleted him from your phone.  A few months later, an unfamiliar number pops up on your screen. “How’ve you been beautiful?”  Make him reveal himself.  “Were you abducted by aliens? Where did they take you?”  Chances are he’ll text something that jogs your memory.  If you get, “no just busy,” then fess up.  “BION  (Believe it or not),  I deleted you from my phone.  He might respond with NFW (no f-ing way) or he just might apologize and start over.  Next time you remove a potential Mr. Right from your phone, save him with a tell-tale last name, like Michael Match.com.

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Do you have a favorite texting story?  Share yours here for a chance to win a Girls’ Night on Clematis with Alys & Victoria and five of your girlfriends.

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Tales of a Serial Texter.  Texting out an S.O.S in the Date-o-sphere! If you are textually active in the date-o-sphere, you need to use protection.

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