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Talking Makeup and Beauty with Michelle Mirizio

Talking Makeup and Beauty with Michelle Mirizio

Talking Makeup and Beauty with Michelle Mirizio

There’s a state-of-the-art hair salon just minutes from Downtown West Palm Beach. A facility comprised of about 2,500 square foot space where customers are pampered by stylist Michelle Mirizio and her team, a place where you can get all hair, nail and skin services under one roof at the best prices and using the latest techniques. We are referring to Lets Talk Makeup Salon and Spa which, with over three years in business, is now one of the leading health and beauty establishments in the entire Palm Beach County.

“Everyone has their own beauty and we’re here to enhance that beauty”, says Michelle Mirizio, owner of Lets Talk Makeup Salon & Spa, who has been working in the industry for over 30 years. Talking Makeup and Beauty with Michelle Mirizio will always be a very interesting conversation. She has the best beauty advice to give and she is an expert in scouring new hair ideas, makeup looks, skin-care advice, the best beauty products, tips, and trends.

She started her career in 1984 with $10,000 loan from her father and has managed to turn it into a successful business that shows no signs of slowing down. “I didn’t want to open a salon. I was looking to open a studio and teach”, she confesses while walking around the salon. Thirty years later, she not only has her own successful salon, but she is a Certified Trainer and Authorized Distributor for Softap Permanent Cosmetics.

A view of Lets Talk Makeup Salon and Spa located on 2716 S Dixie Hwy #103, West Palm Beach, FL 33405

Other awards and certifications have rained down the path for her. She is a Certified Trainer and Authorized Distributor for Novalash where she was awarded Trainer of the Year 2011 for her impressive resume. Her newest claim to fame is being named a Brand Ambassador for 2015 Novalash Brand Eyelash Extensions. Sophie Merszie, the owner of Novalash named ten of the country’s most elite lash artists, and Michelle was one of the 10, giving her the title of Brand Ambassador 2015. Michele is considered a leading expert in Novalash Eyelash Extensions.

The instant you walk in the door of Lets Talk Makeup Salon and Spa, you realize you have entered the spot where you can let loose, where you will be pampered and made feel special. “We make everybody feel at home when they come in to the salon”, Michelle said sitting on a desk surrounded by some of her employees that include talented hair stylists, aestheticians, nail technicians, and massage therapists.

Sondra, a 77 year old local who is a regular of the salon says that she’s “been to many places over the years, but the minute I walked in here, I knew I was in the right place”.

What looks like a quaint little building on the outside, is actually a good sized salon that features a Blo Dry Bar and Washing stations in the front. Passing by two large pictures of Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe (her eyes were so dramatic, Mirizio admits) and turning to the left, takes you to the area that houses the permanent makeup room, also known as Softap, the manicure and pedicure stations. The Blo Dry Bar, along with eyelash, hair extensions, permanent makeup, color, cut and straightening are some of the most popular services offered by Michelle and her staff. Other amenities include waxing, facials, spray tan and massages. Currently, they are also doing men’s hair.

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Lets Talk Makeup Salon and Spa is an amazing team of gifted professionals
passionate about what they do, and the place can definitely be dubbed as the most
accommodating salon in the Palm Beaches. Sonj, who specializes in hair and is a Certified Hair Extensionist as well as an Advanced Nail tech and Makeup Specialist, has been with Mirizio since the beginning. “I just know I’ve always wanted to do this”, says Sonj. The best part of my job is when my clients hug me, kiss me and thank me”.

Michelle, Nikki (a Certified Novalash Expert and Eyelash Extensionist),  Deanna, who specializes in permanent makeup and has done numerous bridal shows, Zannobia (a hair specialist including Blo Dry, extensions and highlights with her specialty being ethnic hair and Up-Do’s), Dale (Makeup Artist specializing in Bridal Parties), and the team’s Coordinator, Dominique, are always joyful and highly enthusiastic about working with their customers.

WPB Magazine Interviews Michelle, Owner of Lets Talk Makeup Salon in West Palm Beach. Read Here: “Talking Makeup and Beauty with Michelle Mirizio” Have Fun!

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