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The New Magazine In West Palm Beach

The New Magazine In West Palm Beach

magazine-cover-mockupFlorida is the among the best travel destinations in the country when it comes to vacationing tourism. Well, actually, one of the top travel destinations all over the world.

West Palm Beach is sitting along Interstate I-95 highway, just a mile inland off the Atlantic ocean and providing travelers looking for a relaxing vacation in Florida, many attractions that range from large shopping districts, fine dining restaurants, exuberantly green golf courses, water parks, and a nearby large number of points of interest that include water sports & equestrian activities, jet skiing, deep-sea fishing and a lot more.

West Palm Beach Magazine is a new quarterly magazine that will see its first publication December 1st, 2014, aiming to become the Travel Guide & Information Magazine in the city.

There is much to be known on a daily basis about the good things West Palm Beach has to offer and the efforts current merchants are doing in order to make West Palm Beach a preferable spot for many travelers all over the world who choose our city for their vacations.

Facts about the New Magazine In West Palm Beach

As a publication devoted to highlight the best in the city, the magazine will produce outstanding coverage of arts, entertainment, events, festivals, things to do, places of interest; about the lifestyle of its residents, and tips & suggestions to enjoy the city at its best anytime of the year.

The magazine will be found in most hotels of the city all year long. It will be the Travel Guide for each visitor. We want everyone to be well informed about all that the city is proud of. We want everyone to cherish it and take home with them a piece of West Palm Beach after vacationing time is over. This way, the distance will be shorter and a possible come back will always be on the horizon.

In just a blink of any eye, you will be surprised how many changes happen in your life. West Palm Beach Magazine wants to be your source of information in the city for all events, things to do, and places of interest keeping you informed as the best insider at the backstage of a living paradise.

Do you have questions about the new magazine in terms of how and where to get each publication? We’ll love to hear from you and start getting feedback. Here’s a way to contact our team for quick questions & answers.

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