The hub of entertainment and dining in West Palm Beach, Florida, is CityPlace. This is where visitors and residents converge every day, specially on Weekends to enjoy the beauty of the city. CityPlace is an upscale center downtown West Palm Beach. It opened in 2000 and it is situated along South Rosemary Avenue and featuring the best shops, restaurants, bars and entertainment venues in the city.

In the photo gallery below, you can get to know more about the Plaza in CityPlace, West Palm Beach, an open terrace suitable for hosting most of the event in CityPlace. Every Friday and Saturday there is live entertainment in this Plaza with live performances by local and State-wide bands. It is a highly appropriate entourage for families to hang out.

Featuring at the Plaza is theĀ eco-friendly show fountain that will dazzle you with a choreographed performance to music every half-hour everyday.One main attraction here is the scenic restaurant that holds the vast view of the Plaza, Il Billagio Restaurant serving probably one of the most authentic menus of traditional Italian Cuisine in West Palm Beach.

CityPlace is also includes a wide range of rental apartments, condos and offices and a beautiful IMAX Movie Theater. patrons to CityPlace will also enjoy several friendly services for free, like Wi-Fi and Trolley rides all over the downtown area. Major hotels are within walking distance of CityPlace, resulting in a very convenient option for visitors. Just a few blocks west off CityPlace is the Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, one of the premier performing arts centers in the Southeast hosting thousand of events annually that include musical concerts, theater productions, and Ballet presentations just to mention a few.

CityPlace offers a luxurious lifestyle in one of the most diverse and fascinating cities in South Florida but also the right place where you can enjoy on a budget and have a great time.

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