Sunday, July 25, 2021

The Vic Award

The Vic Award Honors Theatre Professionals Who Dedicated Their Careers To Advance The Production and Technical Elements Of Professional Theatre in Florida.

In 1969, Victor “Vic” Meyrich joined the staff of the Asolo Repertory Theatre located in Sarasota, Florida. Over the years, Vic became a legend among professional theatres across the country. Vic has served as the Asolo Rep’s production manager for 45 years. He is a graduate of Carnegie Tech and worked at New York Shakespeare Festival, Brandeis, University of California Institute of Repertory, APA, American Conservatory Theater, and, again, in New York. As head of production and technical staffs at the Asolo Rep, he is responsible for the overall technical operation of Asolo Rep and serves as a consultant for the Florida State University Center for the Performing Arts.

The Vic Award, acknowledges Victor’s well-respected career

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The Florida Professional Theatres Association (FPTA) created The “Vic” Award in 2012 to acknowledge Victor’s well-respected and established career behind the scenes in the world of production and technical theatre.

He has committed his professional life to excellence in the field of professional theatre ensuring that the production and technical elements of all Asolo Rep’s productions are of the highest quality.

He has set the standard of excellence in the production and technical areas of professional theatre, and has made a commitment to the advancement of professional theatre in Florida.

The Vic Award honors those theatre professionals who have dedicated their careers to advance the production and technical elements of professional theatre in Florida.

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FPTA awarded Victor the first Vic Award named in his honor at FPTA 2012. Tom Block, company manager for American Stage in St. Petersburg, received the second “Vic” Award at FPTA 2013, and Suzanne Clement Jones of Palm Beach Dramaworks received the 2014 “Vic.

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