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Top Quality Burgers Served at Grease Burger Bar on Clematis Street

Top Quality Burgers Served at Grease Burger Bar on Clematis Street

Brother from another mother at Grease Burger Bar

Burgers are a ubiquitous dish of the American cuisine and though they are not compatible with healthy life, diet and exercise, a burger is in its simplicity a very delicious food with or without the expensive extras from the place that sells them.

Similar to the way pizza traveled from Italy to the United States in the early 20th century, the Hamburg Steak that migrating Germans introduced worldwide, became a mainstream dish in nineteenth-century America. It has also become a staple food at most parties and events.

There are lots of places in West Palm Beach making burgers, many of them offering customers real juicy whopping burgers that would compete head to head in a top 10 list contest. But today we want to refer to a restaurant in downtown whose name alludes the quintessential state of your fingers when you eat a savory burger. If you pass by the sidewalk of the restaurant you will acknowledge there are top quality burgers served at Grease Burger Bar all day long.

Grease specialty is the burgers and they have taken all possible details to make them perfectly mouthwatering so once you try any of the well-crafted names on the menu you will identify yourself with it.

Their hamburgers here are served compact but in an amazingly grandiose size you will need both hands to grab each bite. Grease burgers are aggressively seasoned and they taste as though they were seared in the flares and flames of an old iron pan.

If you have been to New York – or if you live there – you know the consideration and place in the comfort food a burger enjoys. Once you come to Grease Burger Bar and thumb your eyes through the clearly slated single menu page, you will feel like you are in NY, specially sifting through the elaborate unique items proposed.

Impossible to try all, I ordered a burger to compare and taste Grease’s most curious recipes for a hot Sunday afternoon in the city.

Brother From Another Mother priced at $10.95

Out of the entire menu featuring over 20 different burger dishes, this one stood out as one treat to relish until the last piece. So I was served my order of a home-made meatloaf that came with Applewood Bacon, Swiss cheese, and sauteed mushrooms garnished with red onion and flavored with BBQ Sauce. As a side dish, a huge amount of potato fries – they need to be ordered as they are not included with the burger.

Grease is a casual restaurant with comfortable outside seating right on the sidewalk of Clematis Street. As another patron near my table got ready to eat an exceedingly big burger in its bun, I felt my brother-from-another-mother choice would exceed my expectations. Right after the first bite, I felt like I was posing for the cameras of a Travel Channel’s food show with my head wobbling up and down in approval of the delicious taste my palate was experiencing.

The only things left after merely 5 minutes were a pickle that had scurried out of the bun unnoticeable and Grease’s white cloth napkins with my signature that I had savored my burger until my last greasy finger.

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Never been happier when a bill was brought to my attention. – Yes, nobody at Grease’s pays for this review, not even the server knew who we were. – Delicious food, unconditional friendly service, fantastic view and ambiance.

America is burger obsessed, so a trip to Grease Burger Bar will reward you. They serve some of the best burgers in West Palm Beach and my menu choice was a living proof, tasting fresh and well made.

As I increasingly look to food and dining experiences around West Palm Beach, I feel captive to the quality of the food at Grease Burger Bar, which by the way runs a menu packed with a myriad of Sandwiches, Salads, and Crafted Beers. And being an occasional burger and salad fan, I think next time I will give the Grease Beast or the Watermelon with Feta Cheese and candied Walnuts Salad a try.

Just in case you are feeling in the mood after reading this article, Grease Burger Bar is located at 213 Clematis St in Downtown West Palm Beach and you can get more info here:

A Review of Top Quality Burgers Served at Grease Burger Bar in Downtown West Palm Beach, Famous Restaurant with Delicious Big-Sized Burgers, Salads & Beers.

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