Take a Tour of St. Augustine Distillery

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It is good living and working in West Palm Beach, a city who has a gorgeous Waterfront and lots of attractions all year long. But the weekend always come buzzing in deep in our ears, promoting the wondrous self in many of us to the point of feeling like hitting the road to the nearest destination to enjoy other beautiful secrets Florida holds in store.

If you are in such mood these days, here’s a suggestion for a day or two in the northern part of our state which will be really fun and instructional: “Take a tour of St. Augustine Distillery”.

Not encouraging drinking at all, but motivating to get to know history in the making. St. Augustine is the oldest continuously occupied European-established settlement and port in the continental United States and its rich heritage makes the city and its surroundings a unique getaway for visitors. Being in St. Augustine, you will be taken back in time as it still holds dearly Spanish colonial-era buildings as well as elite 19th-century architecture amidst modern restaurants, attractions, and hotels.

One of those attractions will be St. Augustine Distillery. Here you will be able to visit a distillery, though not exactly from the colonial times, but a historically renovated ice manufacturing plant from 1917 where you will indulge in enjoyable recollections of the history of ice and distilling in Florida, one of the state’s main economies since its foundation. It is a chance to watch as they mix, mash, cook and distill small batch vodka, rum, gin and whiskey. A very interesting tour with its own history where you will quaff free samples of vodka and gin at the end.

There are guided tours from 10 in the morning (Sundays at 11:30) until 5 pm, and always availability for self-guided yours and visits to the museum and our retail store where you will be able to bonus yourself with memorabilia of your tip to St. Augustine Distillery.

And to complete the day tour of St. Augustine Distillery, nothing better than enjoying food served at the nearby Ice Plant Bar with a full menu compiling all snacks, small plates and lunch favorites so you can eat, drink and be merry in a healthful and enjoyable fashion at a place that dates back to 1927.

This trip to St. Augustine Distillery could end up being an experience like no other in Florida. And remember, “don’t drink and drive”. Better stay in St. Augustine and head back fresh the next day to beautiful West Palm Beach, as there is no place like home!

Travel Ideas: Take a Tour of St. Augustine Distillery. If you Live in West Palm Beach, Head to St. Augustine on a Weekend and Enjoy a Historical & Fun Tour!