Soon enough, American citizens will be able to travel to Cuba, the biggest island in the Caribbean, roughly an hour or so from the continental USA. Since the Obama administration announced last year (2014) easing the embargo on the communist island, a myriad of meetings and legal procedures have been put into motion and travel companies are getting ready to make the island a prime-time tourist destination for Americans.

Cities in Florida are a boiling pot of cultures. Many communities throughout the United States have significant Cuban populations, with nearly 70% of all Cuban Americans living in Florida. We have a deep origin tracing back to Cuba and no wonder, many are fostering the desire to travel to Cuba one day and discover what has been the forbidden apple for many years.

If you are planning to travel to Cuba from West Palm Beach, that’s also going to be feasible soon and actually viable as the city has a state-of-the-art airport with a daily operation of international flights to the country and to most destinations in the world. But that’s one thing, while on the other hand, only time will tell when Cuba is ready to welcome a major influx of tourists from the United States. Just a couple of dozens of thousands flooding Cuba’s main cities from the US can crash a growing, but still shaken tourist infrastructure and can only cause despondence in travelers anxious for being among the first to explore the now accessible paradise in the Caribbean.

In this photo: Beach Sensation, Varadero Beach, Cuba
In this photo: Beach Sensation, Varadero Beach, Cuba

We are not talking about building facilities, which in honest truth, many can compete among the best in the world; but rather about the service-industry part of the story. This is the worrisome scenario for most entities advocating towards business with Cuba and the chapter that will take the most to fall into line.

For years, Cubans have been nourished a nonexistent hatred towards Americans by their government in hopes to clinging to a social system that has failed and they have been educated on a service attitude where it all spins around the government as the ruling body of an operation that leaves little ground to appreciation. Due in part to the embargo and mostly to the stubbornness of the Castros’ ideology, for the most part turned their people’s mind into mechanical robots. Now Cubans are yet a bit far from the reality of acting helpfully without coercion. And this is the reflection of years living for an ideology rather than for the mere right of freedom to speak or possess that a person is entitled to.

Bureaucratic procedures for anything that the government has control over, which being conservative is most part of the chart, can be depressive and time consuming. In their exceeding need to exercise centralized control of all that is said and done in the country, the Cuban parties need to find the G spot to insert themselves into what is normal for the rest of the world and has been for more than 50 years contrary to Cubans’.

Banking operations need to be established to allow travelers to the island being able to pay using their credit or debit cards. More than a trustworthy phase, it is outdoing with big investments the insertion of an isolated branch to overcome the technical deficit gap for years now.

We all know how consuming Americans tend to be. We believe that it all has to be there for the moment we need to have it. Wrong reasoning in Cuba.

In the photo: Cuban merchants selling souvenirs on the beach

It will take some time when we can start seeing that travel to Cuba is as normal as going to any other tourist destination in the world. In deed, those who are against lifting the embargo and establishing relationships between both countries are politically incorrect. It only adds fuel to continue secluding people in the island from being able to understand how the world exists and behaves outside their continental territory; it only continues to prompt people into looking for the greener side of life despite the risk of losing their lives in the ocean.

On the other hand, Cuba has a few things to offer Americans: a wonderful tropical weather, beautiful beaches and friendly people to whom we are used to. Cubans living in the island, Cubans who have been exiled for political reasons, Cuban-American citizens born in this country feeling eager to know their roots and simply any American citizen, we all could benefit from traveling to Cuba and enjoying new attractions, a good daiquiri in the same spot Ernest Hemingway used to have it every week, or simply feeling like we are at home.

Cuba Will Be a Top Travel Destination. When Can We Travel to Cuba from West Palm Beach? Get Some Perspective About the Best Moment to Travel to Cuba.