Photo by Shuttersock
Photo by Shuttersock

If you are looking for a funky place in the USA to travel to in June, probably the right destination this year could be New Orleans. This is a vibrant city, bursting at the seams of a melting pot of a destination that famously inspires indulgence.

You might wonder when the best time to travel to New Orleans is. Actually, anytime is best to travel to New Orleans for vacations, though the peak season because of the weather and major events is February to May. Spring is the most popular time when people travel to New Orleans as far as weather and events is concerned.

For us living in West Palm Beach when school is over is time to travel, meet relatives in other cities of the country and nestling in a city whose weather could be as our traditional one all year long where we could find good food and things to keep us entertained, is actually a fascinating option and that’s what New Orleans bring to the table.

[quote_right]New Orleans is the place to eat, drink, listen to jazz or R&B, take part in a parade, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere.[/quote_right] June to September is the off season in New Orleans and it can get really hot but it is the most affordable time of the year to travel to a city that is an ever-lasting parade of attractions and awesome entertainment.

If you have always stayed in West Palm Beach to celebrate the 4th on Flagler (July’s party in West Palm Beach to celebrate the America’s National Independence Day), then New Orleans offer you a unique opportunity with the Go 4th on the River, a peculiar way to celebrate the big National Day watching fireworks from dueling barges on the Mississippi River. Another option could be The Essence Music Festival, one of the biggest celebrations in New Orleans every year usually scheduled for the weekend of July 4th. This festival draws huge crowd for both its music and its celebration of black culture featuring the best of both national and local acts, with a strong representation of rap, hip-hop, R&B, gospel and the local flavor of brass bands, jazz, and blues.

Perhaps you want to make it an adventure-type of travel. New Orleans is only 11 hours drive from West Palm Beach and you will drive bordering the West Coast of Florida and along the Golf Coast passing by many popular travel destinations known for their sugar-white sandy beaches of northwest Florida like Panama City Beach. A Road Trip like this will inspire you to get to New Orleans to experience the smooth jazz sounds and the old-timey sounds of Cajun and Creole.

There’s a lot to do in New Orleans in Summer, but most folks will being and end their vacations to this city in The French Quarter, also known as the Vieux Carré, and the oldest neighborhood in the city of New Orleans. The French Quarter is brimming with opportunities to catch live music, both on the streets and in a wide variety of fabulous music venues.

The French Quarter in New Orleans
The French Quarter in New Orleans

The history of the city lies in the streets of the French Quarter. This part of the city has spelled writers and artists since the time of Mark Twain, Lafcadio Hern and John James Audubon with its architecture which is a combination of Spanish, French, Creole and American styles. Here you can admire plastered walls and single chimneys, walled courtyards of Spanish influence, cast iron balconies in many fashionable row houses, and buildings with plentiful stoops and porches. It will be contrast to our daily grind in the city where you must drive cars most of the time and seldom walk. The French Quarter exert the enchantment of a neighborhood where you will spot every kind of person imaginable on the sidewalks.

The French Quarter is a complete attraction in New Orleans that includes shopping, restaurants, hotels, museums, galleries and the perfect snug scene to revel at night. For a perfect trip to New Orleans you should consider staying at The 1850 House Inn & Tavern with brick exterior and a loving preservation of the Inn’s original old wood and brick in the nook-and-cranny filled floor plan. Then you will admit you are in New Orleans.

The suggestions gamut will run high, including one of the most historic homes in the country, the Beauregard-Keyes House; The Cabildo, one of the most historically significant buildings in America and the French Market which is the oldest public market in the country and still offering shopping, dining and music in a tradition that is uniquely New Orleans, yet still reminiscent of some European markets. An the list will be a whopping package of museums, historical sites, legendary homes, art galleries and churches like St. Louis Cathedral, the oldest continuously active Roman Catholic Cathedral in the United States, originally built in 1724 and rebuilt twice after a hurricane and a fire.

The Mississippi River is the chief river of the largest drainage system in North America. The Mississippi River Delta at the Gulf of Mexico is part of the Louisiana coastal plain, one of the largest areas of coastal wetlands in the United States and New Orleans is at the mouth of the Mississippi River. New Orleans became the birthplace of jazz and its origins and those of the blues music as well in the region, are closely connected to the Mississippi River and the delta because the location allowed for an influx of cultural influences, including blues and bluegrass music from upriver, to the African and Latin folk hymns and music from the Caribbean islands.

The Steamboat NATCHEZ Dinner Jazz and Daytime jazz cruises

Then you could not be in New Orleans and leave this city without having been to the Mississippi River. There are riverboat tours where visitors can board a paddlewheel steamboat to see the Mississippi River but the main attraction will be a journey along the Old Man River on the Steamboat Natchez Riverboat, the last authentic Steamboat on the mighty River. The Steamboat NATCHEZ Dinner Jazz and Daytime jazz cruises run daily, year round, in the style of authentic steamboats in New Orleans for centuries now. Steamboat Races are as old as steamboats themselves. The history of the Natchez boats from the first to the ninth in the lineage includes many steamboat races. The NATCHEZ is proudly the undisputed champion of the Mississippi, never having been beaten in a race. Today, the Jazz Cruises, Dinner Jazz Cruise, Harbor Jazz Cruise and Sunday Jazz Brunch Cruise are cruise attractions that will take you back to when life was as slow and graceful as the current on the Mississippi River.

New Orleans is really one of the world’s most fascinating cities and steeped in a history of influences from Europe, the Caribbean, Africa and beyond, being home to a truly unique melting pot of culture, food and music. In New Orleans, dining is depicted as of form of art. Restaurants and chefs are world-renowned and award-winning and actually the food here is a reason why many travels also choose this destination. There’s a mix of old classics, affordable eats and hot newcomer restaurants.

Incredible but the busiest meal of the day in New Orleans is breakfast, probably to get you up and running well to enjoy the myriad of attractions the city offers. You will be surprised that in this meal, most customers even start with cocktails and end of with dessert. For your trip, there are many essential restaurants to suggest in New Orleans where you can get a good meal regardless of the mood and the type of cuisine with places that rise above the completion offering incredibly delicious, old-school New Orleans soul food.

Ingredients that bring flare to the food in New Orleans
Ingredients that bring flare to the food in New Orleans

You will find a mix of the world’s cuisine: American, French, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Caribbean, Peruvian, Mexican among others with eclectic and impressive menus to satisfy all tastes, but being in the New Orleans, you must go for the Cajun cuisine restaurants to savor the authentic style of cooking the French-speaking Acadian people that region of Louisiana that has been a tradition ever since resulting in a rustic cuisine using locally available ingredients and of simple preparation but proving to be delicious. So while in New Orleans, keep in mind names like: Gumbo (Seafood, chicken, sausage, or okra. No matter what goes into your gumbo, you can’t go wrong.), Crawfish Etouffee, Jambalaya, Red Beans and Rice (the traditional New Orleans meal that will leave you wishing every day was Monday), Muffulettas and Beignets (don’t get confused, this is not the average doughnut)

Perhaps to help you plan a summer trip to New Orleans where you can get the most of the best the restaurants, bars, shopping, hotels, events attractions and for things to do in the Big Easy city, the following video will shed some more in the pitch to suggesting you to travel to New Orleans in Summer.

 Planning Your Next Summer Vacation? Travel to New Orleans in Summer. If you Live in West Palm Beach, Florida, New Orleans is an Exciting Destination to Visit.