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Unbroken, now Playing at Muvico CityPlace

Unbroken, now Playing at Muvico CityPlace

Unbroken, now Playing at Muvico CityPlace, is a movie directed by Angelina Jolie. A Drama/Action movie of about 2h and 17m, Unbroken is based on the 2010 non-fiction book by Laura Hillenbrand.

As a boy, Louis “Louie” Zamperini is always in trouble, but with the help of his older brother, he turns his life around and channels his energy into running, later qualifying for the 1936 Olympics. When World War II breaks out, Louie enlists in the military. After his plane crashes in the Pacific, he survives an incredible 47 days adrift in a raft, until his capture by the Japanese navy. Sent to a POW camp, Louie becomes the favorite target of a particularly cruel prison commander.

So far, ‘Unbroken’ Reviews are good, but not quite great.

Peppered with words like “starchy,” “respectful,” and “dutiful.” The Wrap calls the film “riveting, but somewhat generic”. The critics on Twitter, however, have been more generous. Since the movie released on Christmas Day, Unbroken reviews have largely been positive.

Unbroken,-now-Playing-at-Muvico-CityPlaceUnbroken is undoubtedly well-intentioned, but it hits a few too many of the expected prestige-pic beats to register as strongly as it should. In re-creating the nightmarish journey so harrowingly relayed in Laura Hillenbrand’s biography, Jolie has achieved something by turns eminently respectable and respectful to a fault, maintaining an intimate, character-driven focus that, despite the skill of the filmmaking and another superb lead performance from Jack O’Connell, never fully roars to dramatic life.

Regardless of their individual contributions, none of the credited writers faced an easy or enviable task in fashioning a feature-length narrative out of their exhaustively researched source material (for which Hillenbrand interviewed Zamperini 75 times over the course of eight years).

Anyhow, Unbroken is a good suggestion if you are heading out to watch a movie at Muvico Parisian 20 & IMAX.


Unbroken, now Playing at Muvico CityPlace. Peppered with words like “starchy,” “respectful,” and “dutiful.” Check Some Reviews of Unbroken & Watch the Movie

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