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Waterstone’s Idyllic Location Turns a Weekend in Boca Raton into a Mini-Vacation

Waterstone’s Idyllic Location Turns a Weekend in Boca Raton into a Mini-Vacation

Waterstone Resort & Marina, an Idyllic Location in the Palm Beaches

Boca Raton was incorporated in 1925, and for as long as it has existed, this tropical splendor has become the most wonderful resort city in the world, gaining its nickname as the “Beverly Hills of South Florida.” While some of its eastern edges along the white sand beaches of the Atlantic Ocean have been reserved for quiet and peaceful getaways, beyond the seacoast smells there is Waterstone Resort & Marina, one of the Curio Collection by Hilton’s hidden treasures.

Lately, the parts of Waterstone where the resort’s east side bumps against the Atlantic Ocean has many of us trailing back to Boca. Opened in 2014, this luxurious Four-Diamond boutique hotel is no longer just a one-night resting spot. Its elegant but easy-going atmosphere is attracting business travelers, singles, couples, and friends and families looking to experience culture and a retreat with spectacular comfort and water views.

It used to be that people who loved traveling were the only ones trying new things, just to see something they had never tried before. Nowadays, people of all walks and discerning tastes are out seeking to discover culture, that which pulls them toward many activities, foods, and places to see. No matter what they’re immersed in, it’s the experience they crave most, where they can drink, dine, swim, snorkel, sail away, and even host their perfect business trip or wedding party.

In Boca, there’s a little bit of everything depending on what you want or where you look. And in the center of this is Waterstone Resort & Marina, playing host and putting luxury first. The resort has 139 hotel rooms, overlooking the peaceful waters of Lake Boca, just steps from the beach and minutes from the Mizner Park center, which offers an array of world-class shops, dining, local artwork and cultural events for the most discerning of styles and tastes.

The Waterstone Experience

As a guest, I combined some physical activity with more relaxed options. My day started at PJ’s, one of Waterstone’s restaurant, eating breakfast. The menu was superb, although a bit pricey. After breakfast, I took a quick 5-minute walk over to South Inlet Beach, where I found the perfect spot under a palm tree, steps from the water’s edge. This beach is not overly crowded, and not too isolated from the rest of the world either. A quick dip in the ocean was exactly what I needed to cool off after my walk.

Florida’s east coast has the best sandy beaches, with clean, aquamarine waters. And at Waterstone, you can explore it easily. Its 190’ marina offers a plethora of watersport rentals and chartered excursions, including stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, and waverunners. In addition, it provides a three-hour cruise around the Intracoastal and Atlantic Ocean aboard the Palm Breeze, a 55′ catamaran that sails out into the sea, where deep water specimens are just waiting to be caught!

Whether you are on a business or leisure trip, a quick dip in the resort’s pool is always a good idea. While I was there, I saw a great variety of guests—groups of friends, wedding party guests [there were actually three weddings being hosted that weekend!], as well as couples enjoying time together by the pool. My guest and I had a delicious lunch at Waterstone’s Rum Bar and Grill, and then retreated to our personal cabana. This came fixed with a TV, fan, and fridge, which the hotel filled with refreshing fruits and drinks.

This quaint abode was the perfect spot from which to watch the boats pass by. Earlier, I had learned from Jennifer Graham, Waterstone’s Director of Sales and Marketing, that the surrounding reefs are expansive and many non-fish marine creatures can be found here. Recently, both Hollywood and marine treasure hunters have been interested in these coral reefs, specifically in the South Inlet Park reefs, where you can catch a glimpse of colorful live corals, tropical fish, and native marine life. But, as beautiful as that is, their interest lies underneath the clear Boca waters, where ornamental objects have been found, possibly from an undisclosed ship wreck? Who knows?

Dining at Boca Landing

While Lake Boca views are wonderful, the food at Boca Landing, Waterstone’s fine dining restaurant, is impeccably prepared. The staff goes out of their way to be friendly and provide the best dining experience, which for me started with an artisanal drink—a blend of pineapple and coconut, chilled to perfection and served in an intricate copper plated pineapple cup. Most of their cocktails include locally sourced ingredients with a creative South Florida twist.

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A highlight of a stay at Waterstone Resort & Marina is Boca Landing, a waterfront restaurant offering one of the best culinary creations and weekend hot spot in town.

The seafood heavy menu provides many delicious choices, but I asked the waiter about the chef’s filet mignon. “Perfect choice,” he said with a Caribbean accent I couldn’t quite pinpoint with accuracy. I ordered a Shrimp cocktail and Burrata Salad to start off my marvelous ‘on-the-water dining experience,’ and as I sampled each one I suddenly realized: there are moments when a dinner becomes more than just an act of tasting and eating. When food is prepared to exact perfection, and when is catered by a professional staff eager to serve well, that’s when everything is amazingly delicious.

Waterstone Resort & Marina was excellent all around!

Waterstone Resort & Marina is located at 999 E Camino Real, Boca Raton, FL 33432, just 300 yards from the beach. You can learn more by calling their reservations desk at 855-605-0318 or by visiting

Waterstone Resort & Marina, an Idyllic Location in the Palm Beaches to enjoy some exclusive vacations in one of Florida’s most quiet and peaceful getaways.

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