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West Palm Beach Green Market: What’s New This Season?

West Palm Beach Green Market: What’s New This Season?

What's New this Season at West Palm Beach Green Market

Though you may not be able to tell thanks to our record-high temperatures lately, the fall season is officially here. With the dawn of autumn comes a treasured perk of West Palm Beach life: the weekly farmers’ market at the eastern end of Clematis Street.

Saturday, October 6, saw the opening of the 24th season of West Palm Beach GreenMarket. If you weren’t there to join in the festivities, you missed a “produce protest” and the premiere of 15 new vendors. Dogs, families, and hundreds of locals gathered to shop the green market’s unique offerings and mingle in the sunshine.

Season-after-season highlights of the green market include live music “By the Banyan,” unlimited mimosas for $10, free activities for kids, and lots of green space—to say nothing of the waterfront view.

What's New this Season at West Palm Beach Green Market

Why else do we love the green market? The variety of foods, goods, and vendors makes for a diverse and exciting Saturday outing. “You can really find just about anything at the West Palm Beach GreenMarket,” says Mary Pinak, Community Events Manager for the City of West Palm Beach Department of Parks and Recreation. “Over the years, we have grown not only in the number of vendors we have but also in our increased diversity of offerings, which is something we are really proud of. Our theme this year, We Produce Fun for Everyone, is a lighthearted reflection of our commitment to continuing to expand our offerings and engagement for all.”

That commitment led to the debut of a few changes to this season’s market.

What’s new this year?

In addition to a smattering of new vendors, you can expect a more environmentally friendly approach to this green market season, a major priority of our area as we blossom into an innovative and progressive urban hotspot. The city, in collaboration with the green market’s 90 vendors, has pledged to eliminate plastic straws, coffee stirrers, and Styrofoam cups and containers forevermore. Patrons are also encouraged to bring reusable bags rather than plastic bags as they shop.

To support the eco-conscious endeavor, at the season opening the city began giving away a portion of the 5,000 metal straws it will gift to patrons for free over the course of this season. Free trees were also on offer. According to city officials, the promotion aims to encourage green market patrons to continue sustainable practices once they leave the market, thereby spreading sustainability throughout the entire Palm Beach County community.

New vendors on the scene this year include Aioli; BMORE crabcakes; Cocowatt; Eddie’s Dark Chocolate; Fresh Home Made; Holly’s Natural Products; Mi Casa Tu Casa, a sizzling showcase of Peruvian cuisine; MONDEPICE; Naughty Nutty Love; NüGrub Vegan Products; Primordic; Soukie’s Spring Rolls, Bowls, & More; Strudel Z; and The Cheese Shoppe. Give them a try.

Photo Gallery: West Palm Beach Green Market’s this season

I was particularly fond of the purple anchan flower tea limeade from Soukie’s and, of course, couldn’t go home without a bright bouquet of blooms. As soon as the weather cools off just a little bit more, I plan to grab a few loaves of pumpkin bread from Fresh Home Made. They looked and smelled delicious.

In addition to the regularly scheduled programming of locally grown produce, fresh flowers, baked goods, vegan options, coffees, teas, spices, handmade items, and home goods, some weeks will offer special events at the green market.

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Mark your calendar now for these special events throughout the 2018-19 season:

  • October 27: dog costume contest
  • November 10: Veterans Day recognition
  • December 22: Holiday entertainment
  • January 19: Salsa Saturday
  • February 9: The Strawberry Jam
  • April 20: Earth Day celebration

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Learn about what’s new this Season at West Palm Beach Green Market and all upcoming events throughout the 2018-19 season.

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