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West Palm Beach is the Nation’s Top Vacation Rental Destination

West Palm Beach is the Nation’s Top Vacation Rental Destination

West Palm Beach is the Nation's Top Vacation Rental Destination

Florida is an exceptionally popular destination, especially in winter. This means that year after year, different cities in Florida welcome millions of snow-birds flocking down to an enjoyable and rewarding experience in the state with one of the world’s most diverse and stunning scenery.

Now we “West Palm Beachers” have a fact to feel proud of: West Palm Beach is the Nation’s Top Vacation Rental Destination. According to a recent analysis conducted by the travel website Hipmunk, vacation rental bookings in West Palm Beach skyrocketed by 852 percent from summer 2014 to summer 2015.

Hipmunk is a travel website that shows vacation rentals alongside hotel results. Vacation rentals have become a very popular practice and there has been a surging increase in the number of travelers looking for alternatives to traditional hotel accommodation. The website combed through its booking data to see whether the buzz around vacation rentals is real or hype, looking at the increase in vacation rental bookings in the top 50 U.S. cities and the price of a vacation rental compared to a hotel in the top 10.

West Palm Beach topped cities that always lead this market, such as Dallas, TX, Sacramento, CA, and New York. From summer 2014 to summer 2015, the share of overall vacation rental bookings on Hipmunk increased 78 percent. And in some cities bookings doubled, tripled, or more.

Our peak is always out of the summer months as our winter is pleasant and a great escape from the cold and snow of the northern states. We are a snow heaven! West Palm Beach offers unsurpassed beauty along the waterfront, a vibrant downtown for shopping, exciting dining experiences, and of course, nearby beaches to enjoy anytime.

Vacation rental seems to be taking hold in the largest markets and is now expanding to secondary markets across the country. In price comparison, vacation rentals are less expensive than hotels on average, though the cut means foregoing the room service, maid service, and other hotel amenities guests are always accustomed to. But that doesn’t seem to matter to the number of buyers who contributed to the spark in the vacation rental option. Families tend to move towards vacation rental homes for the affordability and convenience of onsite kitchens, separate bedrooms, and plenty of space to spread out, so they should be key players in this increase.

West Palm Beach continues to provide convenient facilities as the future looms bright to this city on the move. Many projects planned for the near future can help make this milestone we have achieved continue to roll higher in years to come.

West Palm Beach is the Nation’s Top Vacation Rental Destination According to an Analysis From Summer 2014 to Summer 2015 Made by Travel Website Hipmunk.

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