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Wishing to Be Child Stars in the Film “The Wish”

The budding star of The Wish, 12-year-old Carrington Severson, is a natural who has acting skills far beyond her years. The film's Director's acting credits include acting opposite film star, Jim Carrey, and also won “Best Actress” at a Miami film festival in 2017.

Young actors from all over Palm Beach County are having their dreams come true in the film, “The Wish.” The film’s director, writer and director of photography, Audrey Lynn, is the head of the drama program that started up last fall at HomeLink Education, an educational institution for home schooled children located in West Palm Beach. 26 wonderful student actors, ranging in age from 6 to 15, are happy to participate in such a fun, film project.

In “The Wish,” the main character of Rebecca attends a school for famous children.  However, Rebecca isn’t famous at all while her little sister, Angel Kay, is the current day Shirley Temple.  Jealousy and a few unsupportive classmates drive Rebecca to make a wish for her little sister to lose her fame in this comedy/drama.  The film’s message is one of faith.

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The budding star of “The Wish,” 12-year-old Carrington Severson who plays Rebecca, is a natural who has acting skills far beyond her years. “Acting in “The Wish” has been a great opportunity for me. This is my first experience in a drama class and I love it,” says Carrington.

Wishing to Be Child Stars in the Film "The Wish"
Students as they act their roles in the film “The Wish” / Photo Pedro Penalver, WPB Magazine.

Co-starring as Rebecca’s little sister, Angel Kay, is 7-year-old Tessa French. The talented young actress was excited to be in a limousine for the first time during a paparazzi scene in the film. West Palm Beach Magazine’s Pedro Penalver acted as one of the paparazzi, snapping photos of the fictitious child star as she walked the red carpet from the limo to the school’s front door!

Last semester, Lynn directed both Carrington and Tessa in the play, “Oliver with a Twist” which starred 9-year-old HomeLink drama student, Sam Meynarez who does a great job playing Mark in “The Wish.”

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Rebecca and Angel’s mother is happily played by Lynn. Her acting credits include acting opposite film star, Jim Carrey in a credited feature film role as well as working opposite actor, Anthony Anderson in a speaking role on a FOX TV series. Last year, she won “Best Actress” at a Miami film festival. A private premiere of “The Wish” will take place at a cinema in Lake Worth for family and friends of the actors and drama students.

This story was updated on April 23 to correct names the main photo to this: Pictured: 7-year-old Tessa French, the film’s co-star. It was incorrectly stated before as 12-year-old Carrington Severson who plays Rebecca in the film “The Wish”.


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