Friday, January 22, 2021

1909: Community Builders Shaping Palm Beach County

A community of forward thinkers taking the right steps to bring all kinds of creatives into the picture.

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The Cottage Corner: Tina Hardman’s Perfect Place

Tina Hardman, owner of Citrus Hair Salon and Spa who runs a sanctuary in West Palm Beach, a home away form home.

Notable Playwright, Lyle Kessler’s ‘House on Fire’ Premiers at Dramaworks

‘House on Fire’ presents very quirky characters who are on the edge of society.

Review: Inside the Yiddish Drama of Jewish Storytelling

It started with a picture. A play about a play. A 12-member cast, whose ashes could not be swept away.

A Different Kind of Dining at Legendary Palm Beach Kennel Club

Dining at Palm Beach Kennel Club makes the difference in energy and mood!

A Taste of French Fare in the Heart of Northwood Village

Northwood Village has a Bohemian charm and Bistro Bistro is a bit of a stereotype, but with good reason.

Equus: A Brilliant Play That Explores Human Fascination With Passion

“Equus,” a play written by British playwright Peter Shaffer in 1973, has turned out to become a modern classic and one of the greatest works of drama. This two-act play first premiered in...

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