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25 Years of Success and Memories Sent in a Time Capsule

25 Years of Success and Memories Sent in a Time Capsule

25 Years of Success and Memories Sent in a Time Capsule

There’s no wonder that Saturday’s GreenMarket in West Palm Beach is a top-rated attraction.

When the popular weekly GreenMarket kicked off its 25th season and hundreds of people showed up to buy fresh, locally-grown produce and farm-processed foods and also to enjoy all the entertainment and good time there is to be had in downtown when the market is happening.

It is a tradition for the mayor of the city to inaugurate the beginning of each GreenMarket season; though this year Mayor Keith James surpassed the expectations of everyone who attended the inaugural ceremony, an event that also coincided with the first day of a year-long campaign to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the City of West Palm Beach.

Definitely, throughout these 125 years, there have been misses and great success. A lot of effort has been put into making West Palm Beach a formidable place to live, work and play. But how will a new generation 25 years from now understand (or remember) what it took to make West Palm Beach the city of the future?

A ‘thyme’ capsule, though!

To mark the occasion, Mayor James and City Commissioners prepared a time capsule allegoric to this year’s theme for the GreenMarket season —”It’s Thyme to Celebrate”— and invited three former mayors and different organizations to participate.

25 Years of Success and Memories Sent in a Time Capsule
Front row, left to right: former mayor and now Congresswoman, Lois Frankel, incumbent Mayor Keith James, first strong mayor Nancy M. Graham, Commissioner Christina Lambert, Commissioner Kelly Shoaf, former Mayor Jeri Muoio. Back row, right to left: Commissioner Cory Neering, Commissioner Joseph Peduzzi, and Commissioner Richard Ryles (Photo Pedro Penalver, WPB Magazine)

What went inside the ‘thyme’ capsule? Watch:

With a series of West Palm Beach 125 events planned to mark the milestone, the festivities to celebrate the anniversary of the city will culminate at 4th on Flagler in July 2020. Events and activities include a comprehensive exhibit at the Historical Society of Palm Beach County, lectures at the Mandel Public Library, special boardwalk tours at Grassy Waters Preserve, neighborhood bike tours, a special light show shining on the Banyan/Quadrille parking garage and much more.

25 Years of Success and Memories Sent in a Time Capsule
Staff from the City of West Palm Beach Community Events Division responsible for organizing all public events like WPB GfreenMarket and Clematis by Night among many others. Left to right: Angela Poco, Mario Argueiles, Mary Pinak, and Director of Parks & Recreation, Leah Rockwell. (Photo Pedro Penalver, WPB Magazine)

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